Cat and Dog App

The App, launched in March 2019, is an intuitive tool. It is designed to assist veterinarians in developing appropriate anaesthetic protocols for different types of patients and their unique circumstances. It contains information on the full range of relevant and commonly used molecules. It assists veterinarians in choosing the most appropriate product for each procedure and it has an in-built dose calculator that helps to simplify the process and save time for busy veterinarians.

The App is invaluable to veterinarians who will frequently be asked to treat challenging patients; from paediatric to geriatric, aggressive to moribund, across a wide range of procedures varying from non-painful imaging to severely painful orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery.

Many of these situations are not covered in individual product data sheets or textbooks. The App is therefore unique in providing this up-to-date expert knowledge at veterinarians' fingertips.