Dechra's product range is focused on a number of therapeutic categories, predominantly for companion animals. The majority of key products are novel or have clear marketing advantages over competitor products. Several products have market leading positions in a number of major territories. Three of our main categories are:


Dechra has a number of unique licensed products treating a range of chronic diseases. The four leading brands are Felimazole, Forthyron, Vetoryl and Zycortal.

Endocrine disease stems from imbalance in hormone levels, affecting cats or dogs in many ways, often requiring lifetime medical attention. Many endocrine disorders are fatal if not diagnosed and treated. Veterinarians place a high importance on quality of life and often see endocrinology as a challenging and interesting discipline.

Anaesthesia and Analgesia

Dechra has a wide range of products that support emergency medicine, pain relief and sedation. The leading brands are Atipam, Comfortan, Sedator, Tralieve and Vetivex.

Perioperative sedation and pain management are challenging but critical for all patients and form a fundamental part of animal welfare. Offering a comprehensive range of analgesic and anaesthetic products allows the veterinarians to adapt their protocols to the individual pet based on their level of discomfort, whilst providing flexible anaesthetic procedures.

Dermatology and Care

Topical antimicrobial products are important to treat skin and ear infections. We have a wide range of products that can be used alone or as an adjuvant therapy. The leading brands are Canaural, the DermaPet range, Isaderm and Malaseb. The post year end addition of Osurnia to the Dechra dermatology portfolio will significantly enhance its presence in this key therapeutic area.

Dermatology represents approximately 20% of veterinarians' clinical time and is currently a major focus area for the industry. Best practice and management techniques look to adopt more topical products as opposed to oral treatments, with the aim of utilising antibiotics less frequently. Dechra's product portfolio, with its range of licensed and non-licensed topical products, is well positioned for this approach.