The following items have been included in arriving at profit before taxation of continuing operations:

Cost of inventories recognised as an expense171.1158.8
Impairment of inventories included in above figure1.42.1
Depreciation of property, plant and equipment
– owned assets6.65.7
– right of use assets3.3
Amortisation of intangible assets73.980.9
Profit on disposal of property, plant and equipment(0.3)
(Release)/recognition of impairment of receivables(0.4)0.6
Operating lease rentals payable3.3
Research and development expenditure as incurred28.425.1
Net pension credit in relation to defined benefit pension scheme (see note 23)(2.8)
Auditors' remuneration1.21.0
Analysis of total fees paid to the Auditors:
Audit of these financial statements0.60.4
Audit of financial statements of subsidiaries pursuant to legislation0.50.5
Other assurance services – audit related assurance services*0.10.1
Total fees paid to Auditors1.21.0

* This includes £0.06 million (2019: £0.04 million) in relation to the review of the Half-Yearly Report.

During the year a fire occurred at one of the Group's third party logistics provider locations in the Netherlands that resulted in inventory to the value of £6.4 million being destroyed and written off. The inventory write off has been included in the impairment of inventories value above and is offset by amounts recovered through insurance proceeds of £5.3 million and a receivable from the insurers of £1.1 million with no impact on the Income Statement.